Message from CEO


After a long thesis I am trying to introduce old things in new way to protect environment by environment friendly green business. And for that my first choice is making pillows and bedding mattress by using material comes directly from the nature and environment. Actually Pillow and bedding manufacturing is my family business. So I decided to develop my business with my merit and hardworking by using environment friendly product. I believe that being ambitious and confident are two important and indispensable skills that a person needs to have in order to excel in the line of work. Moreover I have a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion. I have a great eye for detail. I am eager to learn, I enjoy overcoming challenges, and I have a genuine interest in Business Management.

It is true that degrees such Computer engineering is highly recognized in society. However, business has grown to be a major part of day to day life; my interest has lied in the core of a field which I believe has more importance in today’s world.  The beautiful earth is polluted day by day by various industries those make huge carbon to the air. Industries also produce heat and make dangerous effect to our daily life. Sometimes it makes me worried and thinking to save environment. 

Eco dreams manufacture very best quality 100% silk cotton (Bombex), woolen and synthetic Pillows, Comforter and Cushion For your Bedroom, Car and Sofa at reasonable lowest prices. Our Pillows, Comforter and Cushion are very comfortable. We offer affordable quality Cushions direct to your door. Our Product will cradle your tired head in ultimate comfort all day long.